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"How to fix the necklace Ambra dei Bimbi"

All our necklaces Ambra dei Bimbi, have a safety point “break away” located in the clasp. So if you suddenly find the necklace apparently “break away” - it means that safety point worked.

Here is how to fix it:

• You must have a pair of pliers and a common cigarette lighter.

• Inside the small golden clasp is solidified vegetable glue.

• Taking the clasp with pliers and heating it with a few seconds with a small flame from the lighter until the vegetable glue becomes liquid.

• Place immediately the detached part by placing the knot well inside of the cup.

• Waiting a few seconds until the glue solidify again.

• Wash the necklace with the warm water and mild soap.

• You may repeat this operation several times if necessary.

Film on YouTube is also included and it may be helpful.

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